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General Help for Christmas , Car repair or anything else see these

Starshine started this conversation

The above is my blog  lots of information there

see if this helps and look in freecycle and craigslist free section too

YMCA too

Have a good one and try 211 for any help you never know till you try

Check the food banks in my blog and call 866 3hungry

I have another Christmas page in my blog click horse avatar to get there

Wishing you the best!!!!


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 in response to mommy121...   

Hello and welcome to Aidpage

All you do is tell people about yourself and what your needs are and it would be helpful to put city and state where you live so people can give you more specific information.

If you check this link for Christmas Information

Try toysfortots and where you join that for free and you can find free items for the home and maybe used as a Christmas gift. And has a free section plus check your local fire station to see if they have toys for families that are in need.

Let me know do you need food banks, free medical clinics and free dental clinics?

Here are JOBIDEAS that you maybe able to do from home.

Let me know if you if you need anymore assistance or have any questions as to what you.

I hope that helps you and your family.

Thank you for writing me.

Have a Merry Christmas


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I am a mother of three I am not sure how to do this for this is my first time. I was unemployed for almost a year and now working a mini wage job and can not afford anything for my children. I have two girls and a boy they are 8,6, and 4 they are my world and deserve something under the tree

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 in response to mamabear72...   Hi mamabear72
Whatever happened to you? I am curious what other sites you are on?
Happy Holidays to you and God Bless
Hope to see you back here
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 in response to Amanda6987...   

Hello Amanda

What city and state are you in? I am sorry to hear of your problems and happy you are out of the abusive retationship.

See if any of these sites especially Toys for Tots has anything to help make the Christmas special

and see if you might be able to do any of these work from home jobs

Check with this site for any cash assistance or temporary cash assistance programs your state may have

See my blog for Veteran's Day Free Meal for your sister and the link explains it

I hope this helps some and let me know if you need food banks and free medical clinics and free dental clinics. Just let me know if you don't mind what city and state you are in?

Wishing the best to you



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My name is Amanda McCormick and I am a single mother of 3 wonderful kids. I just got out of a 13 year abusive relationship and cause of this abuse my oldest has aspergers syndrome. We moved to a new town about an hour awayfrom aour hometown after my husband went to jail for a year. We are living with my sister who deploys for Iraq in 2 months. She is helping me alot but she has herown bills to pay and I have been applying for jobs since I moved here in July. But no luck yet. If anyone knows of any help for Christmas I would greatly appreciate it. It hurts to think my kids are not going to have anything this year.

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 in response to OurTime6...   

Hi Donna

You are welcome and check out this site for your car repair

And try too for car repair help , I know of one who got help with them

good luck



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 You have so much info available it is so appreciated.I checked out the site for the Charity cars and I'm gona try it.I Have had major car problems and been without a car now for about 4 months.Thing is I have always had a car ever since I was needless to say it has taken away some of my independence and difficult to work.I do housekeeping and the past 2 years been working with Landlords and getting their properties ready to rent.Without a car I can't take the jobs or haul my supplies.But I hold steadfast.Good things are commin!!!

  Thanks again....Donna

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 in response to mamabear72...   

Oh Thank you and you are a wonderful person too. How sweet. Keep on helping people as that is what we are on this planet to do...And I will be looking into magic jack

Thank you again and have a great night. I have to go to sleep now..

Happy Holidays to you to and God Bless you and yours...



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you are a truly wonderful person for posting all this information. I am new to this site and in need myself, but i help other moms on other istes and will be sending so many to check out the links posted. Happy Holidays hon, and God bless you!

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 in response to Asia Cook...   You are welcome!!!
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Asia Cook

Thanks, Starshine!

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